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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week in review: foreverreading

11th - 17th March

Had a sensible conversation with Ewan about when I should stop reading and start actually producing something.  The answer is sooner, rather than later.  I'm aiming for a literature review that is "neither a first nor final" draft by the end of April.  I started outlining topics that should be in it, and began faffing about with LaTeX (and Markdown and Pandoc).

Then started panicking and promptly quadrupled the amount of things on my to-read list.  Oops.  I blame Matthew Rowe.

I finished reading his first year review (2007) as well as his paper about Meervisage: Community-based Annotation for the Semantic Web.  I compiled a massive list of more things to read from his lit. review, and then looked up what he's been doing since then.  A lot.  Mostly relevant.  At the very least, interesting.  Damn.  Don't worry, I'll prioritise that list, and don't aim to finish it before I start writing.

Going to Serbia on Tuesday, for  What should I bring back?
  • Information about creative processes for digital artworks.
  • Anything to do with open data or decentralized social networking movements.
  • Potential case studies or people to work with.
  • ... to be discovered?
Had a chat with Russell of Makur Media about video metadata and ontologies for describing film/TV production processes.  We're doing some of the same research and keeping in touch is likely to be mutually beneficial.  Note to self: Summerhall Cafe is nice and the food is cheap; go there for lunch one day.
At 9:58 am James Doc said...

I have just checked out the website for Resonate. A little bit jealous now!